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How sex workers are using technology to service clients during the lockdown

Rena has two names. One Hindu, one Muslim. It’s an old trade practice, nothing to do with the rising xenophobia in recent years. “We do it for our lovers," she explains, “to account for their religious sensibilities." Rena used to see up to six clients a day at Raipur Escort Service, any one of whom could turn into a lover. “And as you know, humein apne customers ke hisaab se chalna padta hai. Warna customer nahi aayega (We have to go along with the wishes of our customers. Or they won’t come back)."

Rena is a sex worker. She lives in a red-light complex in the Raipur Grant Road area, in a run-down building that houses over 750 sex workers. When the nationwide lockdown began on 25 March, their customers all but disappeared. Hindus and Muslims, both. Over the past three weeks, however, Rena has got her trade back on track. The difference is, sex is not as frequent. And now, it’s over the phone.

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But times were hard. Coronavirus cases in Raipur were showing no signs of plateauing—they still don’t. Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, who form a chunk of the clientele, had left for their homes. Rena, a migrant herself, like most sex workers Escorts Service in Raipur, used to send money to her family in Jabalpur every month. As her earnings dried up, her family started feeling the pinch too. She decided to give phone sex a try.

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